The International Workshop on strongly interacting, open many-body systems
with the emphasis on the Rydberg atoms physics

will take place near Heraklion, on the island of Crete,
from 30 September till 3 October 2018

A crucial ingredient for realizing various phases of matter is the availability of interactions with different range and strength. Atoms excited to Rydberg states exhibit long-range, switchable, interactions that are many orders of magnitude stronger than the typically short-range interactions between ground-state neutral atoms. In addition, relaxation and dissipation can be introduced in this system in a controlled way. Such systems are thus uniquely suited to simulate and study coherent and dissipative quantum dynamics of strongly-interacting many-body systems. The aim of this Workshop is to bring together renown experts, senior and junior researchers, for a productive and inspiring discussion on the recent progress and future directions of research on open many-body quantum systems using Rydberg atoms and photons.

Topics of the workshop:

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