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IESL, FORTH and University of Crete

  1. Prof. Peter Lambropoulos  

  2. Dr. David Petrosyan

  3. Group of Prof. Stelios Tzortzakis

Czech Technical University of Prague

  1. Group of Prof. Igor Jex

University of Glasgow

  1. Dr. Thomas Brougham

Technische Universität Darmstadt

  1. Group of Prof. Gernot Alber


What’s New

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Continuous-variable quantum authentication of physical unclonable keys

Edited volume on Quantum State transfer and Network Engineering.

Ionization of Neon at 93eV: Theory vs Experiment

Assessing the number of atoms in a Rydberg-blockated mesoscopic ensemble.

Statistics of a state-transfer Hamiltonian in the presence of disorder.

An optical analogue of a state-transfer Hamiltonian in a photonic lattice.

Effects of FEL field fluctuations on the frequency response of driven atomic resonances.

Analysis and minimization of bending losses in quantum networks.

Symmetries and security of a public-key encryption scheme based on single-qubit rotations.

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